Help!!! need some feedback on High School Musical Sing it - Wii

    Just ordered HSM sing it on the Wii (not the Senior Years one) and somebody said it was rubbish as they have it on PS2. Said it was cartoons not clips from the film. My daughter is 4 and now Im worried I have made a mistake. Can you advise?


    Must say I have the PS2 version and it's not too good.

    The senior year Wii game my kids love tho.(dance based rather than singing)

    Not seen the Wii sing it tho. (can't imagine any of it is from the film tho, the senior dance isn't either. Cartoony type figures)

    ]Reviews here

    my daughter is 8 and loves singing on the wii with this game lived on it at first so it depends on wether she loves hsm and singing

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    Might stick with it then as there's not much else for her on the Wii that she can do. She loves dancing and singing and other sing it titles are not familiar to her yet.

    My daughter is 4 in February and I was going to buy this Sing It game but then figured she would need to be able to read he words on the screen - am I wrong?

    feedback is bad
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