help !! need to unlock a nokia 6070

Found 7th Feb 2007
:-( just cant find the 6070 listed on alot of the unlockers. im locked to tesco mobile . please help
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Download the software as your mobile wont be listed in the online version.

Sure it runs on IMEI numbers rather than make of mobile.

Hope this helps.

but it says it is dct 2, dct 3 or dct 4 ??? only have 3 goes left at unlocking so need this right (thanks for first reply gav )
right im sure your mobile is a dct4, and you would need to use griffin mode.

Dont know if this is 100% correct but best thign to do is to check out your mobile spec and see what version it is.

This worked fine for a few of my older nokias.

If that doesnt work try it with a data cable.

Need to download some other software though.


here ya go hope this helps should be a lot easier for ya … here ya go hope this helps should be a lot easier for ya http://www.unlockitfree.com/unlocknok4.php

Just checked that one from cossie and looks the same as unlock.nokiafree.org but has your mobile listed.

Should be much easier.

got 7 codes but none worked . does that measn i cant unlock it now ?:oops:
ohhhhhh phoo !! im off to find an unlocked phone on ebay . only want one to swap sims round in to enter comps. grrrrr :x

thanks for all your help guys x :thumbsup:
You will get 10 attemtps to remote unlock your nokia.

What does it say when your trying to unlock it?

Do you have a nokia data cable?

it says can nt undo restricion
no dont have a cable
Im sure if it said it cant undo restriction it is because it has been tried to many times or has been blocked.

Best way to do it is to with get a data cable and do it yourself or go down to a local mobile shop and they should do it for £5

A few places up here do it for £5 in about 5 mins.

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