Help, need Xbox live wireless things for not a fortune

Hi My Stepson has Xbox 360 Arcade. Has wireless router in house but no where need his room (Wiring not an option as his mum wont allow hole drilling etc) exactly what do I need to buy to connect him, pref all in for under £70


All you need is an Xbox wireless adaptor, they'er about £40 rrp i think. That'll connect to the router and he'll be sorted

Have a computer close to the xbox with internet?

Need a hard drive for live also

Homeplugs work - there were some on here yesterday for 13.50 delivered, but no ones sure if they had enough stock to cover the orders. If you google twin pack home plugs, then you can get them for around 40 quid on amazon.


Need a hard drive for live also

No hard drive required. :thumbsup:

Other option is something like this lambda-tek.com/com…322

but best choice is probably a pair of ethernet over power adators (a.k.a. homeplugs) as was mentioned above.

Remember if you need to plug more than one thing in, you can just use a network hub/switch to add more sockets. If he does have a PC in his room however, then assuming it's connected wirelessly there will be an unused ethernet socket on it.

If you just connect the 360 to it using a crossover cable (not a patch cable) then you can run the network wizard to enable internet sharing. That solution will only cost you a quid or two for the cable, but the PC does have to be on for the 360 to connect of course.

Oh also might seem obvious but is there a phone socket in his room? cos if there is you can just move the router.


No hard drive required. :thumbsup:

Hard drive OR memory card required for live:)
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