HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi all, not sure if anyone here can help me but its worth a try. i have managed to get my hands on a train set which seems old to me.
    the manufactures name on the box is MEHANO. the set is called the PENNINE FREIGHT.
    it is complete, in original box and never used.
    it even has buildings and scenery on the back of the box that you cut out and fix together.
    i just wondered if there is anyone out there that knows wether this is worth anything or not and if so, roughly how much?


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    thanks for really quick link (how the hell did you just have that to hand?)
    doesnt seem to be any info on price though

    I dont think they are worth alot reaaly. The set above looks like a cheap rip off of German DB disel loco painted in br large logo blue. - ive seen it before.

    I could be wrong about the price though.

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    cheers for your help though.

    Located in Izola, on the beautiful Slovenian coastline on the Adriatic Sea, Mehano has been trading since 1952.
    All products are manufactured in their own factories in Slovenia, using European materials.
    Employing over 400 employees, who are committed to supplying high quality products, Mehano have a wide and diverse portfolio of products. Over 90% of production is exported and products are supplied all over the world. Mehano are the largest manufacturer of train sets in Europe. Produced in the European H.O scale, these sets offer quality and reliability at competitive pricing.…ano

    Lots of stuff here inc. prices, seems quite pricey!…ack

    lots here too:…209
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