Help Needed 32" Tv

I have a chance of buying one of the two very average 32" HDTV's. Would just appreciate peoples thoughts on which is best.

I am quite lucky in being offered them at the same price, so this is not an issue, just which has better spec etc.

Ok, 1st one is the 32" Beko from Argos/Homebase
and the 2nd one is 32" Hanspree from Ebuyer.

Like i said two VERY average tv's but this is not an issue as i already have a pretty useful 37" samsung for Main room.

Please state any avantages / disadvantages or personal experiences you may have!

Thanks again! :thumbsup:



I dont think you'll notice any difference between the 2. Argos/Homebase Beko is easier for returns as Ebuyer has to be sent via Royal Mail

Original Poster

Thanks, good point! ....anyone else?

ebuyer send by citylink actually.

they can use royal mail but it is rare.

Original Poster

i think scorpian meant returns have to be sent via royal mail..

i think the hanspree looks nicer and has some really good reviews

(says she who bought the £100 beko!)
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