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    Its my other halfs birthday coming up and he has been dropping hints for a media/internet tablet???? Im a complete numpty when it comes to anything like this... basically he wants to watch films, listen to music and access the internet on a portable device, he has mentioned the archos 5, but they seem a bit expensive and a bit too technical for his needs. Can anyone please recommend the kind of things i should be looking at? thanks


    turn it around! buy a new TV and then get a media device - you can only look at one thing at once!

    ...but seriously - any of the good video carded netbooks will stream iplayer/et al sufficiently. that'll do pig.... that'll do.


    Ask him!

    Just say to him that you aren't sure what kind of thing he really wants and could he maybe email / give you a load of links to the sort of gadget he wants

    It's better than asking us lot!

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    your talking double dutch to me. got a web site /product name i can look at please?

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    i want to surprise him!



    i want to surprise him!

    Buy him a flute instead, that will REALLY surprise him if he's expecting a tablet


    Get him a decent phone like the HTC Desire. Will do all what he wants, only downside is it may be a little smaller than he wants.



    Buy him a flute instead, that will REALLY surprise him if he's expecting … Buy him a flute instead, that will REALLY surprise him if he's expecting a tablet

    Especially if you then proceed to use it American Pie stylee :-D

    Archos 5 is too expensive??? well you wont get much for you rmoney.

    Just get him one of these…pp-

    buy him some of this

    ipad! that whats hes askin for, get him an ipod touch


    ipad! that whats hes askin for

    i doubt he is that desperate for overhyped, overpriced, underpowered apple rubbish

    That joggler will do the trick for 50 notes, if you can get one.

    If he has mentioned something and you get something cheaper he is going to be disappointed. This is one sort of present where i dont think you can surprise him. Take him round PC world or somewhere like that and make him figure out what he wants.
    I have to say its one hell of a present to get wrong. A big expense. If my OH hinted at something like that he would be buying it himself. Good luck.
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