Help needed

    Well I want to get a new laptop in the morning as my computers had it, im looking to spend upto £400 but want it from pc world as can nip there in the morning. I want HDMI connection. Please can someone advise me which one to choose as i am clueless


    Maybe try another website? Misc is dead.

    if you'e buying it from pc world, dont buy into those399 or 499 which has everything you want..because chances are the cpu is terrible and cheap components.

    look for one that is either a core 2 duo or the new i3s / i5 processors

    ask yourself if you want a graphics card or onboard one

    sd slots / hdmi / bluetooth etc.

    ram about 3-4gb

    good size hard drive

    and dont go with those all in 1 pc's with built in monitors or what have you, go with the bog standard tower and monitor

    For around your price point this is probably OK for you. 2GB of ram but that's very easy to upgrade later and on board graphics but will be fine if you don't intend playing games.…tml


    What's wrong with your PC, I'll give you £20 for it.
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