help needed, after a song

    a song was on the radio at around 7.35 pm tonight on radio one (im in the north west), i seemed to miss what the song was called he said it too fast at the end, he said something like la rue and it was a scream mix or something, anybody have an idea what song it could be or if there is a way of finding out, just need the name of artist and song title please

    i would be very greatful, thanks


    use listen again or see if the show has a tracklisting on the website?

    go to bbc radio site and use listen again

    La Roux- 'In For The Kill' (Skreams Get Ravey Remix) :thumbsup:

    I didn't hear it, but La Roux have a song called In For The Kill which has been remixed by Skream.

    Here's the youtube link:…Ro8

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    thankyou alll :-) all repped

    np, awesome choon :-)

    Original Poster


    np, awesome choon :-)

    indeed, never heard of them before, went to get pizza and it was on, defo a good car tune
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