[Help needed and warning]Amazon high value item return with Hermes

Posted 30th Mar 2021
Hi everyone
I returned a faulty laptop (£1,349)(bad hinge) by using Hermes(only option provided) to Amazon on 19th March, and on 27th March, Amazon emailed me that they recieved a different item rather than the laptop. I called them immediately and started an investigation. Today they informed that they received "a teddy bear and blanket" instead of the laptop and insists that I return the laptop, otherwise they won't issue a refund.

I have 100% return the orignial laptop. In fact, I placed another order of the same laptop and it's with me right now. There's 0 reason for me to keep this faulty one. If you are about to comment on I'm being suspecisous, please don't comment. My mental health has been impacted by this greatly and I'm having constant panic attack.

I have tried to contact their CS, but all come back without any resolution and keep repeating they will investigate, but insists I need to send back the original item...

I cherish honesty and integrity more than anything else in my life and I will never commit any fraud or crime.

I don't know what else I can do, I have emailed managingdirector@amazon.co.uk and jeff@amazon.com and hope miracle will happen and they might step in to help me.

I do not want to ask Amex to start a chargeback yet as I heard amazon will delete my account if I do so... I can't imagine not being able to use Amazon... But I probabily will have no choice but do so next week.

Just a warning, if you are returning high value electronics to Amazon, please do not in any case using Hermes. There's a very high chance it will get stolen/switched.

Some quick search has returned multiple victims
Some are lucky, but some are not, and still struggling.






If you have any advice about what I can do to resolve this issue, please let me know and I really really appreciate it.
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