Help Needed - Any Advice Greatly Taken

    Hi all -

    I'm after a Digital Camera - don't want to pay over the odds ( and am hoping to convince OH to get me one before Christmas so I can take it away with me before :giggle: )

    I've seen this one…er= CLICK HERE which I quite like the look of.

    For those who don't like clicking - its a KODAK M753 Blue Digital Camera for £80.00 ( which is there abouts what I'm willing to pay)

    What I need to know - is is it any good? :giggle:
    Can I get a cheaper one that is as good?

    All help greatfully recieved - but please - no confusing lingo - PC's I can understand - Digital Camera - I don't!!


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    Deal4Me seems to amaze people.

    Thanks for the link.... but is it any good - again I know Nothing about cameras.....

    The f20 is one of the better compacts - if all you want is point and shoot it's as good as any other in the price bracket. The >£100 cybershots are a little better, but as ever one lens is going to be a limitation.
    At the current price with tesco clubcard points as well, it's a real bargain.

    Here is another one for you to look at,Becks

    ]Canon A550 7.1mp and 4x zoom £78.99 delivered.

    Here is a review from a website I use,not too techie,explains things in relative laymans terms ]http//ww…cfm

    Canon cameras have a good reputation for taking great pictures:thumbsup:

    Im not sure, but there was a member who posted a picture of a bee with this camera and it was an amazing, detailed picture. I tried looking for it just but can't seem to find it.

    Think his username was mikeyp or similar.

    Here is a review of the Fuji F20 for you to look at also ]http//ww…cfm

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    Thanks Muckypup - will have to have a look at those links later :thumbsup:
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