Help needed, anyone got a Next catalogue?

I went into my local Next store and saw a lovely blouse and thought id order it online, however ive seached all through the online store and I cant find it and their search engine is useless so I wondered if someone could have a look through their catalogue for me and give me the catalogue number. Its a grey check blouse with a black tank top over the top, I think it was either £22 or £28. Thanks so much.


I have one - just checking for you now Jasmin

Try this - Check Tank Layer top - £22


i was looking too, but there are hundreds!! Next time if you like something from NEXT best to write the label code down, and order on line. Thats what i do. Makes life easier!!

Not everything you see in the store will be in the Next catalogue - I've had this a couple of times and when I've asked I've been told it's only available in stores. This could be the same.

416-959-X42 - grey top with black checked tank top - this is the nearest i could find online - sorry not much help

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thank you all for the help yes its the 421- top, ive left you all rep for the help, the people on here are the best
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