Help needed..... Anyone have any knowledge about getting the guitar heros controller working?? Please :(

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Found 11th Dec 2008
Hi I have a xbox 360 and guitar heroes legends with the guitar. I had no problems until my xbox 360 broke. I got a new one but cant get the xbox 360 to find the guitar.

I ve thrown out the box and microsoft were no help.

I press the small button on the xbox to find the controller and also on the guitar but they wont find each other. I ve also tried holding down for a few seconds...... but no luck.

I am prob doing something wrong but need some wise person to help.......

Any help would be awesome.




the buttons should sync them but not sure,

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Thanks for the message. Thats what I think.... maybe its faulty nooooooooooooo! loved that game.

Now more money for the new

Are the batteries in the guitar definately good?

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Yeah brought some new ones from tesco and tried a few. The green light comes up and starts flashing.

i had this issue the other day...had to change the batteries...erm pressed the sync button on the guitar and on the xbox..took a few goes but got it in the end...oh and had to make sure i didnt have my other pads turned on as well

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Cool thanks m8.

I will try that with no other controllers and sit there pressing them both to something happens......


You got to turn the guitar on. I'm sure it's something like holding the guide button down first, then it'll start flashing so it can be synched. Took me ages to discover mine at first as i couldn't find the small instruction leaflet.
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