help needed asap late christmas gift digital photo frames

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Found 23rd Dec 2009
ok once again im doing all my christmas shopping tomorow !! and was wondering what can i buy my g/f already bought her perfume but i also want her to be suprised with something and something she would really appreciate !! so i thought digital photo frame !! so she can have pics of her daughter and her on her bedside instead of just pictures stuck on the freezer !!

so anyways i live in leeds hence the name im wanting to get a digital photoframe [cheapish 20-30-pound mark] but i was just wondering how do these things work? i always thought u had to hook it up to a laptop ? but i hear u can just stick memory cards in ? anyways if someone could point me to a decent cheap one from a high street shop i can pop intoi leeds tomorow and get it !!


cheers happy christmas all


There was a cheap one on here at £7.99 at comet. Was £10 with 20% off. I got two they are not bad for the price.

It takes, memory cards and other stuff. I've used a cheap USB thing.

Sorry can't see this on their site now, they must have sold out.

I got one of these the other day for my folks, nice piece of kit -


Spend more time on this site and you will start your xmas shopping in January!

Good luck.

asda have them in £23 though - try instore at comet - had loads in ours
maplins as well

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thanx guys will be stressed out tomorow on 6am 2pm shift tom so will be stressed out by 3pm tomoz [yes i know my fault]

Currys are selling a Matsui 7" black digital photo frame for only £19.99 and PC World were selling the same one in a white frame. Not as good pixels as Jessops deal above but £13+ cheaper, although u will need to buy a memory card too (under a fiver for decent size at Asda, Tesco, etc). Unless ur gonna be staring at it close up i dont think the difference is that great as ive bought the Matsui one 2 days ago and it looks lovely playing away in my room! (ive now also bought my best friend one to as a Christmas pressie)! Good Luck!


http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5701304/Trail/searchtext%3EDIGITAL+PHOTO+FRAME.htm whats that like?

Looks like you struck gold Andi as the customer reviews are well good. Also, I take it there is one handy andi, sorry. :?

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hahahah !!! so is that alright? might just get that matsui one hmmmmmmm

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im going to sleep now as im working at 6am but cheers all once again

merry christmas


http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5701304/Trail/searchtext%3EDIGITAL+PHOTO+FRAME.htm whats that like?

u should reserve your item in argos them when u go in tomorrow it'll be ready for u 2 pick up!
p.s. naughty boy leaving ur gf's pressie last minute!

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alright people !! happy christmas went into leeds and checked out the currys store for the 19.99 matusi one [whatever the make is] SOLD OUT !!! panick panick !! so went to the argos in white rose shopping centre to pick up the kodak one SOLD OUT !! so rang my sister she checked the other argos stores near by 1 left at crown point reserved it for me [so i got my ass down there as fast as !!] and picked it up phew !!! im seeing her tomoz just hope she likes it

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