Help Needed!! Buying a car!!

I'm looking at a car I fancy on Autotrader. The problem is, the cars in Wakefield and I'm in South Wales. I don't mind travelling to buy the car but I'm worried I'm gonna get up there and have a wasted journey. Would it be worth getting a veichle inspection from someone like the AA or RAC first? Is there anyone in the Wakefield area who knows a bit about cars willing to have a look for me!

Any advice would be welcome.



Is it at a garage there? I bought mine from a place Wakefield when I lived in Manchester..

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Its private. I really fancy the car but I'm afraid I'll make the journey and it'll turn out to be a pig.

It's a long way to go, but I guess if it turned out to be a nice one, you wouldn't regret it! I've only had two cars but each time I've looked for one I've taken my time, and always traveled around 50 miles to garages etc. I know this isn't possible for everyone, but it meant I got two really good deals, on very well maintained cars.

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I don't mind travelling. I travelled to Bolton for my current car and that was over 200 miles! I'm looking at one of those veichle inspections from the RAC. It costs £130 but at least it'll have a professional opinion. The think is, the car seems to be a little cheap.

is it too good to be true though? only cos when i was after a car (yaris..bleurgggghh!) i travelled about 60miles (aint much, but the m25 was chocker and it took aaaaages to get 4hours!) we took it for a test drive and it kept on clanging at some turns. turns out it was a cat d and the seller hadnt even mentioned it before. he knew i was coming from ages away and i had spoke to him on the phone about 5 times abt the car. it was cheap and seemed like an ace deal. he said he was a private seller but he lied cos as i got there, another couple came to look at another car and he had about 4 parked in his drive all for sale. wasn't pleased. wasted journey. 130 is good if you really want the car- but wouldn't you get peace of mind being there yerself? maybe you could jump on a cheap train/coach travel there- it'd take forever though? or.. maybe someone on here lives in wakefield and knows loads abt cars could have a look at it for you!

Ask all of the correct questions before you travel, like Service History, any previous damage, how many owners, old MOT's to verify mileage etc. etc.

Be careful, seems like Autotrader is getting like Ebay, seems to be a lot more scammers on there lately...

As for RAC inspection, I'd defo reccommend them, Used them once and there were so thorough with the inspection! Bare in mind, it is quite a lot of money (£130 is it?) if you find its a donkey....
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