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Found 13th Dec 2006
I know they did the great deal hunt the other week but still need help!

This was one of the deal winners:


But I started looking at this one and wondered if it was worth the extra money.


My budget is £200 but hoping for slightly less with discount codes etc. Jessops seemed obvious choice becasue of previous post and 10% discount + 3% quidco.

Any help would be appreciated as I'm rubbish with electrical gadgets.



The spec of the samsung & JVC is near enough the same, so it will be more about the quality of the camcorder & the video it creates.

I would always buy JVC over Samsung but thats just me. I bought a canon camcorder 3 years ago, it was used heavily & it still works well today, infact I'm off to use it in a hour or so with my daughters christmas play.

Another couple to compare are the sony DCR-HC24 and Canon MV890, Both were reviewed on the gadget show on channel 5. Gadget show review here:


Hope this helps


Original Poster

Thanks Rawy!

I've kinda made my budget slightly bigger and am now looking at this

Sony DCR-DVD105E


As this records straight on to DVD (apparently)

Is this one any good??

Thanks so much for your help - I'm totally lost with these things.

LOL - your lucky my daughters school don't allow filming and get some professional guy in that charges all the parents £20 a DVD


Dvd camcorders are easier becuase you don't need to download them onto a PC or DVD recorder with Firewire.

But the quality of the recordings can be slightly worse quality than mini dv which the above 2 were.

It comes down to what you want to do with it, if you haven't got a dvd recorder under your telly with firewire you'll be far better with a DVD version. Although for the extra money your not getting any better features than the other 2 as to be honest they all record in the same resolution, its just the add-ons like optical zoom and photo taking that is extra.

The sony has good reviews, I can't see a problem with it.

It is a bit cheaper here once you claim the cashback from sony:


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