Help needed clearing Norton 360 off my machine

    I moved house on Monday. Virgin Media re-installed today. Broadband was set up on my girlfriends laptop as I was at work.

    Problem is I can't get on to the internet on my laptop. Spoke to Virgin Media and it's to do with Norton 360 blocking it. Trouble is I unistalled it a year ago and never had any problems getting on to the internet. I had to do a system restore the other day (couldn't get around it) and don't know if this has affected it.

    The only thing Norton related on my laptop is a shortcut. I downloaded a tool to completely clean Norton, but this hasn't worked.

    I have disabled Avast, turned off Defender (via control panel/security centre) and it's telling me Norton is still active.

    Please help!!!



    ]Norton Removal Tool

    Dettol and a wire brush!

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