Help Needed: Connecting Wii to Orange Livebox

    Hi All,

    I have followed the help and support topic on the Orange website to no avail.
    I have being battling to connect the wii to the live box with no Luck, Livebo x firewall has been reduced to none and encryption is WEP, the pairing button has been pressed but still wii says error connection code 51230.
    I have manually entered the IP confg, subnet, gateway etc settings and still with no effect.
    However on the livebox settings page underassociated devices, The wii is listed and the MAC address is there as well... I have rebooted both the wii and the livebox with no effect.

    Any help will be appreciated.



    type in :

    password : admin

    click wireless nd then get ur web/wap (summat like dat)

    click pairing/wifi mode on d livebox

    input the wep/wap to the wii


    hope it helps

    have you tried pressing the "1" button whilst pairing?

    Original Poster

    I have done both, but still not working, I work in IT and I have done all that I believe I can but all to no avail...

    did you buy the wii brand new? if not have you tryed resetting the network to default and then tryed it

    Original Poster

    bought wii brand new on saturday...havent tried reseting the network to default though...I have 3 other wireless devices connected

    i had a real problem getting my PS3. i ended up pressing 'reboot' (pencil-push button on the bottom) - seemed to work after that, and it didnt affect my other devices connected to it fortunately...

    Original Poster

    No help I have watched it...nothing extra ordinary there...

    Original Poster

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