Help needed converting audio file info for MP3 player.

    I know I'm going to sound useless( again!) but I really haven't a clue about these things.

    I have bought the missus a MP3 player and I am trying to load some songs for her off my computer.

    Some of the files have basic info - ie. file name and nothing else when I look at the details.

    Others have the name,, artist, album, #, genre listed individually almost like a spreadsheet.

    Simple question - is tit possibel to alter the file info. of the other tracks without this info. and input the details manually?

    Many thanks.


    yeh, iif you go into explore your drives find the files and if you click on one of them a the bottom of the window will be information fields which you can alter eg artist, album etc or you can highlight a load of files and right click on them and go to proerties and then details and you can change the fields there

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    Thanks masterruckus I'll give that a shot

    Or put them into winamp highlight all - right click and "view track info" - and press auto tag. Thats what I do there might be an easier way again to do it.

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    Thanks leefal, downloading winamp as I type.


    use mp3tag programme

    Lots of free taggers around if you want to do the job properly .Takes alittle time till you get the hang of things.You can add title ,artist ,year etc and the info would normally come up onthe display of your mp3 player.


    use mp3tag programme

    that's the very one!
    I couldn't remember what it was. Probably because I've no real use for them as my 5 year old iriver can organise the tracks without tags. Snarf snarf.

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    Thanks all, I am using a combination of winamp and mp3tag and between them (and me) I think we have it sussed!

    Job's a good 'en.

    If only our music choice was better!!!
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