Help Needed converting VHS to video files using OSX

    Can anyone recommend software suitable for transferring loads of stuff of VHS onto my hard drive?

    I am using mac osx so need to be compatible with that.




    there is a scart adaptor thing you buy with software that does this.....can remember the name though google would help you out

    I bought an EyeTV 250, mainly to connect my digital cable box to my Mac. The EyeTV also comes with a number of other cables, so I've connected my VHS video and also a Gamecube to it - that way everything comes through my Mac. I can record VHS or Cable and then save it to whatever format I want.

    Although not particularly cheap, the EyeTV is a really neat solution for easily connecting A/V equipment to your Mac - got mine from the Apple Store:…624

    Elgato make lots of different versions of the EyeTV, so it's worth checking them out incase a cheaper model does everything you require:…tml

    Good luck! :thumbsup:

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