Help needed finding Desktop PC and monitor

    Help needed please

    My brothers pc has finally given up the ghost and he's looking to replace and get an lcd monitor at the same time

    I only have limited knowledge of pcs

    He's on a tight budget and has found this at PC World…879

    Any experts out there who can give some guidance?

    His budget is £400 and obviously the machine above is the benchmark:thumbsup:


    Not a great processor or GPU for that price.

    I would suggest looking in this thread for advice. Should def be able to get a much bigger Hard drive and a core duo processor and a bigger TFT monitor for £400


    have a look here [url][/url] :thumbsup:

    Wait till Thursday and see what Dell come up with for over Xmas deals.

    How soon does he want it?

    I'd hold off till after the Christmas rush and see what deals can be found online.

    I'd avoid the above unless it has at least an AGP slot (better still PCI Express) for a better graphics card.

    As MikeT suggests, wait till he posts the Dell deals for Christmas on Thursday!

    It will be PM Thursday as work is going to get in the way in the morning I'm afraid.

    Original Poster

    Mike T

    Thanks to you and all that responded

    I had searched and noticed your Dell posts

    Dell works out at about £50 more expensive for the E520 I think but, my feeling was it was better value. Processor seemed to be better:?

    Will advise my brother to wait till Thurs if possible and await to hear from you again

    Merry Christmas and thanks to all that responded:santa:

    Hmm...Dell update day came and went out with a whimper..... most prices stayed as last week with 30 odd actually rising. Next update due on Boxing day I think. Sorry I couldnt help more today.

    Original Poster

    Thanks Mike T

    Keeping an eye on boxing day to see what you post

    Merry Christmas

    dell currently provide a better one than that on their basic range, including a free 19" tft upgrade imo wait like others have said!
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