Help needed for stag do...

I'm based in the Edinburgh area and am the best man at a wedding later in June...I have arranged a stag night out on 9th June which is all booked.

I have a big problem with daytime activities...I have just tried to book laserquest and indoor climbing but the rest of my group have replied a little bit too late and we have missed out on the tentative reservations that I booked a few weeks back.

This isn't necessarilly a request for deals (although some would be appreciated) but I need some ideas of things to do.. I am looking at a budget of about £30 per head...If anyone can offer me some ideas I will be most grateful.

Also if anyone has a company that caters for stag deals and would like to cater for a group of 14 then please let me know..

I am currently up S**t creek without a paddle and am desperate.

Thanks for reading..


Paintball or karting?

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Paintball or karting?

They are ideas that have crossed my mind but the Stag is not at all interested in driving. Paintball starts to get very expensive once you used up your free 100 balls. I could get a couple of thousand balls from Ebay for £27.00 but the paintball centres won't let me use them in their guns!!

Thanks anyway..

I have just been looking at the edinburgh international climing centre at Ratho but the website gives a number which is only open monday to Friday when the centre is open on Saturdays too!! Anyone know the number...yellow pages isn't much use!

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Any other ideas?

Few suggestions ]here

Clay shooting? Comedy? Watersports?

A day at the races???? Or a lap dancing club. :giggle:

Loads of golf courses around Edinburgh..so what about a round of golf..a really good laugh.
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