Help Needed - Free Ringtone Maker Software

    Anyone use or know where to download any free software to make ringtones for mobiles plez?

    Ta' in advance!


    If you can't find a free one I have a retail boxed program I could list on here cheap :thumbsup:

    Quite a few ]here, I haven't tried any of them so I can't recommend any particular one

    Have you got a newish mobile? ie can it play songs? (mp3's different formats etc.) I usually use cool edit pro. I just sample/cut a part of a song I like,make it how ever long I want in CEP and then just port it in to my phone. Great for mixing it up a bit,having snippets of songs so that when people hear it they go,oh,oh,what is that,I know that... :thumbsup: (CEP available at all good torrent,D/L sites)

    I'm surprised people still use ringtones, I've used mp3 songs on my various sony ericssons for about the last 3-4 years.

    Surely ringtones are passe in the year 2008?
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