Help needed from weird two-wheel nerd

    Anyone know what this is - I'd quite like one but there is no information on the posting web site and HUKD is the only place where I'm prepared to expose myself as an idiot...…jpg


    it's a bike

    Not just that it's a really naff one too

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    Not just that it's a really naff one too

    I think that is its attraction... Ctuk was quite positive about it!

    To who though, it's hideous. Mind you I am not a scooter man, more of a Gsxr and R1 fan

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    I've found it. A Honda Ruckus 49cc. I think ratatatatatatata and I may be fighting over the last one available in the UK in black!

    Life size link...…jpg

    I had the opportunity of riding one while my Honda Lead 100cc was being serviced.

    It is okay as a local runabout since being a moped, it can only do up to 30 mph but the space underneath can be used for "surf boards"(???) according to the guy in the shop.

    Needless to say, I was glad to get back on my own scooter at the end of the day.
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