Help needed! Funny names!

    I need some help, from you comic geniuses on HUKD's!

    We've got a microwave at work, that is getting taken away (too smelly aparently) and we've put a tongue in cheek petition up to save it, and am after some comical food names of people to put up. So far we've got;

    Sue P
    Reggie Meal
    D Frost
    Wy Mustigo

    Can anyone think of anymore?


    Mike Rowave

    How About...

    Mr I.P Freely

    Theresa Green

    Mike Hunt (I know its naughty)

    Lydia Kettle


    Mike Rowave

    Oh thats genius :thumbsup:

    kanye cook
    anita p

    Original Poster

    good stuff guys!

    Courtney Fish


    Roland Butta
    Peter Bread
    Harry Massolata
    Strawberry Fields
    Hazel Nuts
    Logan Berry
    Pastor Bake
    Olive Oyl

    Penny Less

    Paul Doropen
    Mike rowchips

    Ping Dinna

    Hugh G Rection

    hugh jass


    Ben Dover
    Phil Urboots
    Adam Zapple
    Ann Teek
    Anna Rack
    Try on here theres loads…htm

    seymore butts

    a bargain hunter;3564312


    hahaha mclovin!!!

    hey how about

    patty o'door
    ivor bigun
    r sole
    mike hunt
    sally ray (celery)

    laurie load
    Tom R Tows

    Angus McApup
    Phil McReviss

    Phil McCracken
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