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Found 3rd Jul 2010
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I have used them before and they were fine. Think I have got a few things from them, one was a monitor for over £200 notes :thumbsup:…DgA here is err, Google reviews I believe.
i bought some processors from them last year, no problems to report :thumbsup:
We use them all the time at work (Secondary School) and they're absolutely fine.
Got a monitor from there a couple of years ago with no issues.
I work for them :thumbsup:
I buy from them regularly. Reasonable delivery costs to N. Ireland and very quick. Used to use Dabs but they upped the delivery costs to NI to ridiculous levels. Misco also generally cheaper than Dabs/BT.
I used them once, and they never delivered. Turned out that when their website says "in stock", it actually meant the exact opposite. It was a few years ago, but that plus the phonecalls I had to make to get a refund put me off ever buying from them again. Put Misco into Google and you'll find various retailer review sites that'll give you a wider opinion.
Good retailer and delivered our new mf printer quick, and Quidco too
never had any issues with ordering from them.
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