Help needed: How Much is this PC worth?

    I am thinking of getting a new pc but i would like to sell my current PC

    Parkard Bell Ixtreme Gold MC 1807

    # Intel Pentium 4 Processor 640
    # 3.2GHz, 800MHz FSB
    # 1024Mb DDR RAM
    # 250Gb Hard Disk Drive
    # DVD Re-Writer Drive
    # 256Mb ATI RADEON 9550 Graphics
    # Wireless Keyboard + Mouse
    # TV Tuner + Remote Control
    # Microsoft Windows XP Media Center
    # Samsung 19" TFT Flat Panel Monitor

    Never had any problem with it at all but i just fancy building my own pc from scratch and need the cash :thumbsup:


    without the monitor i would say £250

    Original Poster

    wow thanks for the quick responce

    do you know where the best place to sell it?


    without the monitor i would say £250

    Sorry but its not 2006.

    Yeah, you would probably have trouble shifting it for £250 as you could get equivalent new parts including OS for a little less than that. I'd say you are looking at getting around £160 for the base unit or £230 - £240 with monitor (I'm assuming OS has license and some sort of disk?) - any more would be a bonus.

    Original Poster

    yeah it has the licence sticker on the side of the case but didnt come with any os disc.

    I have listed it the for sale forum fingers crossed

    yeah £250 is well too steep, knock £100 and I reckon youll be okay.
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