Help needed - how to introduce stupid little dog to scary big cat!

    Ok, I'm getting married soon and I have a silly little yappy little doggie who I love to bits. OH has a nasty vicious cat. After almost 5 years, it's time they met. I don't want my baby to get scratched, nor do I want him to hurt the cat. He is a stupid dog, chases cats. She is a house cat and has never had any contact with other animals - HELP!!!!


    I used this site when I had to do it…tml

    I had to introduce my dog to three cats though and whatever I tried he would not get on the "leader" of the three, he would play with the other cuddle up to them, he didn't care it was just the other one he didn't like

    you shouldn't have that problem though if there is only one

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    Thanks, I had tried bringing the cat's bed to our house and vice versa to get them used to each other's scent. My dog is really excitable, the cat is fairly grumpy, I think it'll take time lol


    lol my girlfriend just leaves me, took me 3 weeks to finally drag myself back here and today ive seen nothing but wedding talk... STOP! lol :-(

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    Awwww I'm sorry Are you coping ok?
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