Found 24th Dec 2008
Hi all,

boy do I need your help?!
Bought my daughter a Dell Inspiron 1525 Pentium Dual Core T3200 2.0ghz,667,1M PINK laptop computer from Santa and we are heading off on hols (USA) on friday and I've just realised it desp needs to be made into a multi region DVD player as she will want to take a mix of region 1 and region 2 discs!!

I have been playing with the computer this morning and it only allows a region change only 4 times before it locks down but I cant seem to find a remote hack like i always have with every other DVD player!

Tech bits under for those that need such things are:
210-24795 Inspiron 1525 Pentium Dual Core T3200 2.0GHz,667,1M 1 296.48 296.48 S
200-57192 N1252516 1 S
230-10150 Display 15.4" Widescreen WXGA (1280x800) with TrueLife 1 S
319-10001 2.0 Mega pixel web camera NOT included 1 S
320-10178 LCD Back Cover Bubblegum Pink Microsatin 1 S
340-15081 Ship Accessories European Inspiron 1525 1 S
340-15092 Documentation English EMEA 1 (EN, AR, DU, FR, GE, IT, CR,SP) Inspiron 1525 1 S
340-15097 Resource DVD Inspiron 1525 - (Diagnostics & Drivers) 1 S
370-12183 Memory Dual-Channel 1024MB (2x512) 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM 1 S
400-13453 Hard Drive 160GB Serial ATA (5400RPM) 1 S
429-12964 Optical Drive 8xDVD+/-RW Drive including SW

Rep and thanks to be added,

merry christmas all.......

Community Updates
]DVD Region+CSS

Runs in the background and removes region protection. Costs, but only if you don't get it from other sources. :whistling:
AnyDVD also works, ]Free trial lasts 21 days
As above, there are no region hacks like a dvd player, but software can be run that'll intercepts the call to the drive and tells it what it wants to know.
The 2 above work well (but if you do get them from 'other sources' as Ungreat suggests make sure your virus checker is up to date, my mates just got 5 version this way and everyone had something very nasty added to it...
thanks all....rep and regards

Download your movies from ThePirateBay using uTorrent instead. Means there's none of that region nonsense to contend with, and nor is there the need to lug piles of discs around either. Movie playback is quieter since the DVD drive doesn't need to be spinning, and also because the DVD drive needn't be spinning, the system will use less power, so if she's watcing on batteries, she won't miss the end of her film. Okay, it's piracy and sort-of illegal, but it's a much, much more convenient alternative. And working around region protection is illegal too, so you might as well go for the illegal that doesn't need you to pay out.
or install dvdshrink and backup original disks to recordable ones and take them on hol (removes region coding too)
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