Help needed: Idiots guide for putting videos on and watching them on a Galaxy S

    As per title - advice or links to guides - quick search on Google doesn't really cut it for me, and I'm getting grief to sort it asap, so your help would be appreciated.


    what are you having trouble with??

    i use rockplayer, arcmedia, moboplayer on my htc desire, try one of those. most of my videos are divx/xvid and run pretty well on those apps

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    so is it just a case of downloading or ripping things to avi/divx?
    Do I have to download a new player to play them?

    just transfer the any divx/avi/xvid (downloaded or converted) to phone and watch with one of those apps. rockplayer and moboplayer are no longer on the android marketplace but arcmedia is.

    u might not even need those apps as i pretty sure the galaxy s supports already supports divx, so copy the movies files over play with the the default video player

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    cool - thanks for your help
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