Help needed in choosing a 4 bay NAS

    I am looking for a 4 bay NAS and looking for a recommendation on which one is best.


    Synology all the way. I have the two bay and it is by far the best NAS for home on the market. Interface is great, applications it has are brilliant.

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    Ebuyer have a Buffalo Link Station and a Netgear ReadyNAS at £119.99 does anyone know if either is a good buy or am I asking for problems?

    Austor has similar interface to synology, but have better specs against cost…NIE

    cheaper 204 more expensive 604…emo

    Also, some models have hdmi, & there is a xbmc app

    PS I have a ds212j

    I have a buffalo Linkstation. There was an offer on here a while back for 100 odd quid with 1tb wd red drive included. it was worth the money but the apps dont work very well remotely. Does download torrents well though and can play through dlna.

    Cheaper option HP microserver


    Cheaper option HP microserver

    Agree! 4 bays for 110 quid when they have their cashback offer on. Could then put Xpenology on it for the synology interface.

    And if you add the hacked bios, 4 for storage, 5th for a non raid drive and 6ty for ssd boot.
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