help needed in choosing a car........

    hi there, after some help, not a car sort of person.... i need a car as my current little mg zr is dying a death every week it seems to be something else and its not a few pounds, it shead gaskets, water pumps etc etc ..

    i was hoping to pay about £200.00 a month for a new car if possible... something small to medium doesnt have to be a ST or turbo but something nice looking...

    i like SEAT and ive been looking at the ibiza or the leon.

    plus the new astra is quite a affordable, or perhaps the fiat punto.

    never had a new car so this is all new to me and dont know how to go about it....



    You sound as if you want a small car but you want it to be as reliable as possible, the astra, yes is a nice car, but in a few months they are going to be like lamposts (1 in every corner) it wouldnt be on my shortlist. You wouldn't go far wrong with a volkswagen polo, or maybe even a toyota aygo (if you can live with the small engine) it has a 3 year warranty, the kia rio has a 5 year warranty, but then again, it is a kia, it depends if you can look past the badge, talking of which, the skoda fabia is a fantastic car, and made by the VAG group, who make audi, VW, seat and many others. You say nice looking, and you couldn't go far wrong with the new fiesta, it's a fantastic car, you have lots of choice, but I would recommend that you avoid the french marques with the exception of renault, I really like the twingo, affordable and fun. the renault sport twingo would be a good choice for something a bit more sporty if that's your thing. Also, if the budget allows, you could go for the new Honda CR-Z it's expensive, but it's probably the best looking small car in the last few years, especially in white.

    Whatever you choose, remember depreciation, with new cars you will always get massive depreciation, the german and japanese marques seem to keep their value more (Audi, VW, german group cars too, skoda and seat, and the japanese, toyota, mazda, honda, etc...)

    You get more depreciation on more common cars, remember the difference between a common car and a rare car in 3 years can make the difference up in the purchase price.

    Have fun anyway. I wish I was in the marker for a new car!

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    hi thanks for replying.... the smal engine is a problem really a 1.6 but will push to a 1.4. the MG is 1.4 and not much grunt on the a road i travel up to work, only 20 miles each way. I have 3 kids which may come with me at the weekend but we have a people carrier for that.

    like the look of th astra but yes they are common, like the look of the punto aswell, trouble is the basic spec cars never look that nice lol.

    I will have to look at finance on a cars which are a couple of years old.... will look at golf now , just assumed they would be out of my price range so never bothered to look.

    no punto! seat is good. I got a golf plus... nice car.

    Seat leon stylance if you got for it.

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    cheers 5nowman.... will have a look i cant go any higher than £200.0 a month, thats going to make it awkward for me as it...

    like this and its within budget.... all starts getting confusing from there.... like golfs but always thought they were expensive...…tml
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    I hear seats use vw parts anyways.
    Golfs can be expensive. I paid 6700 for my golf plus... 2nd hand though. 2006, 40k on the clock... got very lucky! (in my opinion).

    That seat link, its only a lease.. =/ car will never be yours. 41 months of £199 + £199 = £8358.

    Good luck with your decision! I actually liked the interior of the honda civic.. but was too squishy to drive.

    You sure you want a new car? Can you take out a loan and get a second hand car? (some loans are at a good APR). Could get the loan for £200 a month? over 42 months.

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    what about a Citroen DS3 they look very cool. I'm just about to get one and apparently they're very economical.


    I prefer this site tbh

    Go German, Go white. I work in the car trade, we can sell white BMW's, Audi's, VW's all day long. A white Seat leon would be a nice car.

    The reason why I am making such a fuss about colour is that when it comes time to sell the right colour car will be easier sold and will be worth more. For some reason white is sh*t hot at the minute, and I don't see a dip in popularity anytime soon even though it is a van/taxi colour

    As was pointed out Seat is part of VW which owns many including Bentley, Audi, Skoda

    The new Golf although pricey is a great car, the we Polo is a good car too.

    Personally speaking I wouldn't buy a French or Italian car (Maybe a Ferrari ), everyone is different though.

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    thanks for all the replies, gonna spend this morning looking through them with a cup of coffee.

    as for brand new, second hand is fine, but ive had such trouble with second hand cars i just thought it would easier to get a new one... when i googled car loan the APR was shocking, more than the car dealerships!!!

    Some larger companies and organisations do salary sacrifice schemes for car leasing ie the payments for the car come out of your salary before tax and NI (so they claim you save 30% etc). Insurance & tax are included but IMO the schemes aren't great value but they appeal to people who want the reliability etc of a new car but can't afford to purchase in the normal way......

    Might be worth checking with you or your wifes employer....

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    You will get a better deal through your bank. Most dealers will try and shaft you with the finance, take profit at the car and then profit at the money for buying the car. Shop around, check your own bank though.

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    cheers once again for the advice.... was giving me headaches.... too much choice if there is such a thing...

    there Is such a thing as too much choice. I went to cargiant just to sit in cars.. Test out the comfortability (if thats even a word lol)
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    I will have to look at finance on a cars which are a couple of years … I will have to look at finance on a cars which are a couple of years old.... will look at golf now , just assumed they would be out of my price range so never bothered to look.

    If looking at Golfs look at the XL they are more expensive than a normal one new, but lose more once driven off the forecourt so may possibly be cheaper than a norma sized Golf.

    Got a Honda Civic and love it, uber reliable (comes top in satisafaction surveys year after year), holds its value well, drives like a dream and looks the dogs (type s has the type r looks but with added economy)

    Gd luck with your search mate
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