Help needed in relation with hdtv

    Hiya, ive recently been looking at getting a hdtv for my ps3 and xbox 360, could you help me by telling me which of the following you would recommend…htm…htm

    Thanks in advance


    Personally i'd go for the philips simply becuase of the 2 HDMI sockets, you dont say if you have the new 360 with the HDMI output, I dont own a PS3 so dont know how that connects but at some point you might also want to add Sky HD or/and more HD equipment, 1 socket just wont be enough.

    Thats my 2 peneth anyway

    The Philips looks the better purchase as it has 2 HDMI sockets - Especially as you'll definitely be using one for your PS3. Is your 360 the more recent model with HDMI, or will you be connecting it via Component?

    *beat me to it Minstrel :)*

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    the ps3 uses hdmi and nah I dont own the new xbox 360 I own the one with the component cables or whatever there called.


    *beat me to it Minstrel :)*

    great minds ;-)

    I think you're kinda coming at this from the wrong direction - if you state which size of tv and budget then we could recommend some better alternatives eg like the Samsung 26" for under £400…BDX

    This comes with a special gaming mode.....if you prefer a 32" then this is about £60 more (but comes with 3 hdmi ports).

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    sorry i should have mentioned that it has to be from argos, ciz im a grad student and their the only place that I found would give me credit, I'm thinking of going with the phillips by the way, Its nearly as good in spec as a samsung and is just what im looking for, thanks for the help tho guys.
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