Help needed in replacing a 2016 Fiesta Zetec wing mirror

Found 3rd May 2018Edited by:"Toptrumpet"
Hoping a fellow member can help me with this quick question please.
I caught the nearside wing mirror on the garage door when reversing and broke the black housing and cracked the blue casing when it fell to the floor. I’ve managed to find a used one for sale but wondered how easy it was to fix myself. Does anyone know if the old wing mirror just pulls off or if I have to take of the interior door panel and unscrew it from the inside? And then does the new one just push on and connect the wires etc from the outside and then put just put the blue casing on top?
any help greatly appreciated.
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What year is it?
Simple fix if you have basic tools. Its easier and quicker if it’s non electric. If It’s a 2009 onwards there’s a video on YouTube.

i think you just need a 10mm spanner and a t20 screwdriver.
bp241116 m ago

What year is it?

Sorry, should have stated 2016 (with integrated indicator and electric mirror
It's pretty straight forward but the door card needs to come off and also a shoelace or piece of string will make it much easier to route the new cable. Tie it to the old mirror electrical connector, pull through then tie to the new mirror connector and pull back through.
Thanks for your help.
bp24112 h, 14 m ago


don’t you just love modern cars
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