Help needed! Is there a soundcard for 5.1 gaming AND music creation?

    I really hope someone can help!

    I write a lot of music and I use my Audiophile 2496, which I love. The two outputs from the soundcard are connected to my Behringer mixer, and the outputs of the mixer go to my studio monitors. (Of course outputs of the mixer also go into the two inputs of the sound card to allow hard disk recording).

    However, I have recently got into gaming and I want to invest in a 5.1 soundcard, along with the requisite 6 speakers.

    My question is, is there a soundcard which will allow me to play 5.1 surround sound games AND is also decent enough to allow me to record audio - but, and here's the thing I haven't been able to work out, will still allow me to route a left and right signal to my mixer (when I am recording audio), which I can then monitor soley via my studio monitors?

    Or would I have to monitor using 6 surround sound speakers, which would be ridiculous?

    In summary, when I am writing music, I want the left and right signals to route only to my mixer and therefore via my two monitors, and when I am playing games, I want the sound to be routed via the 6 surround sound speakers.

    Is such a set up achievable?

    Your help would be very much appreciated!


    There is indeed a card that fits your needs perfectly. It's actually just the step up from your Audiophile, but aimed more towards the music producer types, and it's M-Audio's 1010LT. You can read about it, and buy it from,…d=0 .

    Original Poster

    That looks very encouraging - thank you - but would I still be able to choose to listen via just my two stereo speakers if I wanted to?

    And then "flick a switch" and listen to the 5.1 output when playing games?

    In theory, you shouldn't even need to flick a switch. One of the coolest features of pro-level audio interfaces is that you can control all the routing yourself. Think not in terms of Front L/R audio coming out of the Front L/R socket, more of Wave Channel 0/1 being routed to Physical Outputs 1 and 2. And then being sent via Virtual Channel 1 to be mixed into Physical Outputs 7 and 8 to give you simultaneous 5.1 through speakers plus stereo through headphones. A lot more complicated, t'be sure, but also a lot more flexible and powerful.

    I'm an Emu man myself (although, I'm soon to move into M-Audio territory - I'm about three reviews away from buying a Profire 2424) so I can't check that this is the case with the 1010LT, but if you drop a quick email to M-Audio support, they should be able to confirm it for you. Pro audio companies are great, by the wya - normally get back to you in minutes.

    (also, sorry if this post is a little late - I wrote all but the last sentence about 8 hours ago. Distractions, oops)
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