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Found 28th Aug 2008
Hey guys, desperately need help. My Advent 4211 has broke for the second time, so have decided to go and exchange it and use the money to put against another laptop with added cash about £100. So i'm looking for a laptop from PCWORLD for the £380 mark. Portability would be good, but at the moment i'm open to everything. I'm going tonight so please help.

Thanks Rep will be left


take your cash somewhere dell.

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Will PC WORLD give a cash refund?



Will PC WORLD give a cash refund?Cheers,

Did you pay cash? i am assuming that this 2nd failure is within a short space of time. like 30 days? if so i believe you are entitled to all your money back to spend elsewhere on more reliable products.

If the items are faulty ( and usually less than 30 days from purchase) they should give a full refund - particularly if this is your second one - remember that the 30 days on the second one starts from when you got IT not the first one!

Good luck

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Yep only got it about a month ago will check reciept now...yep got it on teh 3rd of august. There was a dell on here acouple of weeks ago, which was quite small had good memory, ahrd drive and dvd write and was about the £270 mark i belive. Anyone know what it is?

I would guess thats probably from their business range (vostro) which offer a good price point for functionality. I bought one of these for my father and he loves it. Not as fast as many tech heads would like (dont worry I am one as well so I am aloud to say that) but it works fine and he uses his for simple video editing and pictures and music/itunes and it works just fine.

When you order from small business check on UKHD for codes and always use Quidco. When asked for company either put your name or tell them that you are self employed - they only ever questioned me once when I ordered one with Vista Home and they warned me this wasnt able to join a domain etc. A lot of their business kit also comes with standard one year onsite warranty which is better than the home stuff.…bsd

Just noticed that they have some offers on at the moment which expire tomorrow (03/09) but dont panic buy as these are fairly regular.

happy hunting!
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