help needed laptop wont start up

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows how i can fix my laptop, it keeps going to windows start up menu saying there was an hardware problem and it closed, but no matter what i press on (start up safe mode) (start windows normally) it just keeps going back to that screen.

    Its a vaio laptop

    any help appreciated


    maybe there is a hardware problem?
    if it doesn't boot in safe mode, and hardware is all ok, then you don't have much choice but to reinstall windows i think

    press F8 on bootup before the windows night rider bar and then select last known good configuration. Try that for starters

    Yeah If All That Fails Sadly Its Reinstall Windows Bye Bye Data Time

    make sure disk drive is empty and that you have no usb devices plugged in.

    Try downloading "UBCD WIN" from a friends computer, this CD will boot windows from CD and has tones of diagnostic tools and tools that fix errors/problems, if it cannot be fixed you can even use the cd to back up your data on a usb drive or seperate cd if you have two drives.

    I would try using your Windows CD and doing a repair on the system.

    Use the CHKDSK with Repair option.

    Its been a while since I have done this but there should be plenty of help on the wonderweb.
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