Help needed looking for a tablet with keyboard that runs windows and Android system.

Posted 7th Dec 2019
Help needed I am looking into tablets with keyboards that run windows and Android system around the £250 if there is such a thing.

Don't know too much about the Chromebook too and wonder if this would work.

Any advice appreciates as need to get one as a gift.

It is going to be used instead of a laptop for a teacher to do Microsoft etc and then for personal use for Netflix, surfing and shopping.

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Until reasonably recently Chinese sellers used to bang out Win/And dual boot Onda, Teclast, Chuwi tablets at silly low money, although the Android version was not very up to date. May be easier but def more choice to source a Win option that can run an Android emulator?
An android tablet should do that anyway, just need to download the MS apps for it.

To be honest they would probably be better off with a surface pro if they want a windows environment but that’s over triple your price.
Hp touchpad
Those teclast tablets were horrible. I had a dual boot one of those and it was one of my worst purchases.

Normal windows laptop running bluestacks should be fine.
It's not really clear what you're after Android for. Windows machines are more than capable of surfing, shopping and watching streamed video.
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