Help Needed!!!!... Looking for an avatar.

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Found 15th May 2008
Hello people... I'm new and I seem to be having trouble finding a decent avatar.
Hoping some of you guys might be able to help and to show my appreciation I'll chuck as much rep as I can onto the person who finds the best one :D. (once I figure out how to give rep that is :S)

Anyway thanks for any suggestions given and I'll check this thread tomorrow since I'm off to bed now. Past my bedtime you see ;).....

Sleep tight everyone.

p.s. Forgot to mention that I'm looking for an avatar related to my name.


agh beaten to it, was going to suggest a pic of Ali bar bar GENTLEMAN THIEF

Hiya, welcome to HUKD.
Have a trawl on-line and get some images from there to your own computer before you decide. You can change it anyway if you want, although it's a bit unsettling if you change once you're ''settled'. You haven't got any reputation yet yourself (so nothing to give!!) so here's a bit.
Read the help threads in the box on the right hand side.


Personally I'd vote for either raptorcigs or fox2020's offerings!
Or of course:

Ya bunch of mugs, doing the lazy gits work for him :roll:


this one ill look better when its smaller lol






i go to this site. it is a mobile phone site and down load wallpapers for free just register then use the wallpaper as your avatar , its safe and no spam you could also get free themes and ringtones for your mobile.

edit sorry forgot to link the site silly me

Couldn't find anything relevant for king of thieves but found this;
for emasu, this;
for suze, this;
for owlass and this;
for ?

for ?

for who?????:thinking:


for who?????:thinking:

I'm not saying - I think people should guess!:whistling:


just use a pic of Gordon Brown or any other major politician or you could use any of the oil companies or better still find a logo for OPEC

Original Poster

Some good choices but i can only pick one, so going for onlyme23. Thought id keep it nice and simple.
Gotta say that fox2020 made me laugh out so loud that the whole office all kinda stared and looked at me, then some tw*t stuck up his middle finger lol!
So you're gonna have to get some rep for being the first person to make me laugh on a friday morning. Nice one mate :lol:

Thanks all and cheers for the help. Never knew people on hukd could be so nice!

Original Poster


Ya bunch of mugs, doing the lazy gits work for him :roll:

Haha, i thought someone would catch on. Shhh though, lets just keep it between ourselves eh? :thumbsup:

Resized your crown KofT so it still spins...


Resized your crown KofT so it still spins...

You're so clever!


You're so clever!

Awww, at least someone appreciates me!! :lol:

Original Poster


Awww, at least someone appreciates me!! :lol:

What you trying to say sadiebabes! I appreciate you too. Here, have a gift and let me know when you've opened it.... :gift:


for owlass

No nooky for you tonight :x


No nooky for you tonight :x

You asked for it.......


You asked for it.......:p:p:p

Is that the United Nations diving team?

I'm going to report ya anyway :x


Is that the United Nations diving team?I'm going to report ya anyway :x

I think you need a present too;
:gift:(4th prize)
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