Help needed, looking for the best price return ticket+zone 1 tube London 7th of March from Brimingham

    Hi all,

    Just got a call from my sister asking what is the best deal i could find for next saturday from Birmingham returning the same day (why she doesnt stay at a hotel i dont know) to London Euston including zone 1 underground returning the same day, can anyone help me out, the best price they found was £80 for 2 of them? i just think that seems a bit steep

    Rep and a lot of thanks to anyone that can help




    Travel with Chiltern Railways from Birminham Moor St and it's £72 for two including Travelcards.
    That's leaving anytime in the morning.

    However, if the times are more felxable you can travel for £40 return for two and then add the price of the tubes as well.
    You must travel on certain trains at the times given otherwise you would have buy new, normal fare, tickets.

    Eg. Dep Birmingham Snow Hill at 10:12 arr London 12:30 (cost £20 for two)
    Dep London 20:50 arr Brum Snow Hill 23:10 (cost £20 for two).

    Have a play on the site:

    Chiltern Trains(ive checked availability for next Sat - estimated times of journey as you havent said what time)

    Then when reaching Marylebone Station you buy a one day travel card for the tube part of the journey - for each adult which is about £4 a day

    Marylebone - Euston (thats your wanted destination) is only a 5-10 min trip by tube

    total cost of journey under £60 for both

    National Express from £1 single way


    National Express from £1 single way

    I've travelled from London/ Birmingham by train and coach, id never recommend anyone went by coach for a return day trip as it was 4 times as long as the train (because it stops of at various places) coach was a nightmare, but i guess its up to the OP

    Virgin trains.
    I've just booked for a couple of weeks from now, £5 inc tube ticket.


    Virgin trains.I've just booked for a couple of weeks from now, £5 inc … Virgin trains.I've just booked for a couple of weeks from now, £5 inc tube ticket.

    Can post a link pls, it would help the OP ...cheapest Virgin train tickets that day return i can find are £80 tube not included

    (shame the OP's sister doesnt live in Manchester - virgin trains have £1 tickets for that London journey) :x

    cheapest deal Virgin trains i could find pic below
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