Help needed - My brother wants his ps2 connected to the internet wirelessly

    as above my little bro wants to play fifa 09 online on his ps2, he wants to do it wirelessly, he hasthe slim ps2, any one give me some help as to what i need to help him ou,


    Im guessing you already have a wireless router? Yes?

    Buy a PS3 (serious)

    You need a wireless ethernet bridge or some homeplugs.

    eg> ]http//ww…1-4

    although to be honest, what you buy is probably worth more than buying another ps2 console. I still have mine for backups but I upgraded to a ps3 in summer 2007. Its worth it and its got loads of functions, not just gaming. :thumbsup:

    Well if you do, you need a wireless game adapter (they sell them at most electronics stores), plug your wireless game adapter into your PS2 and into the power. At this point you should be able to use your PS2 for online play.

    for example :…VBW

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    i have a ps3 but he is a skint student so not able to make that superiour step up to the next generation of gaming lol

    you need an access key or something like that aswell

    Firstly make sure your internet connection allows multiple users to connect at the same time. You'll then need a wireless adapter to connect into your ps2 and you should be able to pick up a 2nd hand one for very little; not worth buying a new one as it'll be no use for anything else. Then you'll need to go into your wireless settings in your router and 'authorise' the MAC address of the ps2/wireless adapter. A better and easier, though not cheaper option would be to use a homeplug arrangement where you use your mains as an ethernet cable. This would involve plugging the ps2 into one adapter and plugging it into a mains plug and then another adapter into a plug socket and then into the router.
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