Help needed new pc building !!!

    Hi folks,
    I hope that there are a few people here that can help me put together a new pc..
    I'm looking for a AMD AM2 cpu 3.5ghz - 4.5ghz
    Am2 motherboard that has 2 ide slots...
    And a
    Pci-e graphics card....

    This is what I've found so far...……422……936

    All suggestions welcome



    Funnily enough my OH has just put together a very similar system to the one you are looking at,so here is a route you could go down:

    Asus mobo ]click £40.06
    AMD X2 4200 ]click £77.80,this is OEM so you will need a HS/FAN
    Heatsink and fan ]click £11.16
    2gb kingston RAM ]click £96.71
    graphics card X1900GT ]click £100.48

    TOTAL = £326.21 delivered

    By saving on your mobo/processor etc,this gives you more to spend on your graphics card,the one i have chosen is highly recommended by CustomPC magazine and is much better than the one you were considering.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the info Muckypup..
    Not too sure about the heat sink & fan.. Not too sure how much space there is between that and the psu that it sited directly above.. Will have to pull open the case and have a look..

    here's another question.. Nvidia or ati ?? What's the difference ....


    If space is an issue you could go for the retail box version 4200 ]click at £91.20,they also have the energy efficient version ]click at £96.30

    ATI or Nvidia?

    both do good graphics cards,personally I like ATI,have served us very well over the past 3 years or so.The one that I mentioned is a great card for the money,as I said,Custom PC mag did a review and test of 20 different mid-range graphics cards in their April issue and this was considered'Bargain of the year' outperforming much dearer cards such as 7900gs,7950gt etc.

    Original Poster

    Muckypup .. What type of case have you got all your stuff in ??
    I was looking at ]http//ww…053
    as well as a few others but it seems to me that the cpu is almost under the psu. So how would anyone be able to have one of those fans that you suggested ?? on any other fan that is as big ??


    The case I have is very similar to this]click ,it's a mid tower,and as the OH is working in it he chose it for the reason that he has space to work in.The heatsink and fan fits fine in it.
    He has a full size tower more like this ]click a lot more money unfortunately,but he invested about 3 years ago at a special price and it has served him through2/3 upgrades.

    I think it is worth looking at a decent case(avoid micro ones at all cost!) because a good investment now could serve you well over time.
    The fans do seem big,I was surprised when it arrived,it dwarfed the fan on my old socket A jobbie,but it went in fine,in fact,the OH was very impressed with the arctic cooling fans,the way they were designed makes it easy to fit,so he thought,and he did two builds at the same time!

    No interference with the PSU from what i could see(I supervised;-) ) you should be ok.

    In fact having had another look this fan should do the job nicely,it's a bit cheaper as well]click £5.40

    IMO you'd be better going for a core2duo system, based on the E4300 chip, with the right motherboard the E4300 should overclock to outperform the Amd2 system your thinking about;-)

    Whats Your Budget Dazz ?
    Are you building the entire pc from scratch or just upgrading CPU, Memory, Motherboard and graphics

    Just though I'd mention just in case - many things you may be able to get significantly cheaper at computer shows than you can find online or offline elsewhere.

    Exactly how much cheaper and what exactly I am unaware - I haven't been to a computer show in years, but that's what I've reliably informed anyway.

    i believe going down a 2nd hand route would also be a good option

    with the newer stuff coming out it always pushes the older stuff down in price, but the parts itself are still superb performers

    i picked up a 4400+ for £75
    a 200gb hard drive for £32
    and 2gb OCZ ultra low latency ram for £75

    which i think is a darn good bargain

    and ive seen x1900XTs around the £100 mark


    Original Poster

    just upgrading CPU, Memory, Motherboard and graphics. Not really got a budget, but there are limits ;-)

    I am not too sure nowadays that computer fairs are cheaper than buying online,a few years ago maybe,but the recent ones I have been to,I don't think there are as many bargains to be had.

    The case you were looking at Dazz,(the one at £20) will not have the best psu in it,I doubt it will be suitable for the set up you are looking at getting.It is worth investing in a decent psu(often overlooked) to save yourself any problems,so you need to factor that in to the budget you have(as well as a case,if you are looking to get a new one)

    Muckypup is right on cue there mate.

    The x1900GT is a great card, there is now the new X1950GT for £2 less or you could/should really be getting the X1950pro for around the £110 mark.

    Also if you are spending over £200 on a motherboard and processor I would do as stated above, go the Core 2 Duo route, they are better than what AMD have on offer at the moment and if you don't overclock you could get the blisteringly fast e6600 and a decent motherboard for about £240. Will knock the sock of anything AMD can fire at you at stock speeds. And about half the price!!!!

    And once again Muckypup has put in a crucial factor when pointing out a new PSU. As long as it's a good make, it does not have to be ubber powerful, even a decent 430w jobby would do a setup like this, although I would push closer to 500W for the sake of a few extra quid.

    Plenty of options in these posts for you to take a look at, but AM2 is not up to Core 2 standards and costs more for less performance.
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