Help needed on finding a manual for Liteon HD-A740GX DVD recorder

Posted 30th May 2007
I have had a DVD recorder for a while and it broke so Argos replaced it with this model as the old model isnt made anymore.

Problem is I cant play anything NTSC, it just gives me a blurry pic.

On my old model it had a manual switch in setup, for PAL or NTSC(not multi for some reason)

Hmm it lets me play NTSC dvds but anything in the scart input wont work through NTSC
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heres the link where you can download the manual you need (in 7 languages! lol)

hope it helps

hi,heres the link where you can download the manual you need (in 7 … hi,heres the link where you can download the manual you need (in 7 languages! lol)hope it helps

I give up, where have you hidden it
pmsl - sorry


Thats what you get for trying to do two things at once - lol

Thanks for letting me know stora!

Hmm must check next time:giggle:
FFS typed a reply then it told me I had to log in, and then invalid thread! I lost my post grrr

Anyway the manual didnt give an answer thanks anyway, it just told me what NTSC and PAL is, no answer

What the problem is, is that the DVD recorder expects a PAL input, and gets a NTSC one so I get part of the screen cut off and blurred.
Have you got the latest firmware for it ?
Heres the link (really this time) to the liteonit website:

and heres the link to the trouble shooting guide:…=72

If all else fails try contacting their support for advice.
Well how do I update firmware on a DVD recorder that plugs into the TV?
Oh just found this too....

If you have any problem with your LiteOn DVD recorder, please go through our online troubleshooting, troubleshooting will help you to solve the problem.
When you still can't find the answer after you went through the troubleshooting, you can contact Lite-On IT via email address: or contact our hotline service number below.

UK hotline: 02073652401

Monday - Friday 8:00hr - 20:00hr (GMT)
Saturday 8:00hr - 17:00hr (GMT)
On the product specifications:…t=1

it doesnt say anything about being NTSC compatible, only PAL is mentioned. This is most likely where your problem lies.
Strange if it doesnt as the older model does, and it does output NTSC as my NTSC dvd's work, its NTSC input which is the problem.
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