Help needed on Mozilla Firefox/IE7

    Afternoon all!

    I am having problems when first opening the above on startup - they seems to hang, and although the window opens on both (not opening them at the same time - its taking over a minute for the home page to display (Google)).

    Once open, if I close and reopen, it does it straight away!

    Can anyone please explain, why its taking so long to open on startup please.


    Can't help but is the same on my laptop, ever since the last firefox update?


    probably a recent windows fix.

    do a system restore to before the problem started and then check to see what windows tries to update

    Original Poster

    Thanks csiman, I could do that, but would not know what to looks for when windows tries to do an update! I usually do an express install, and it does everything for me!


    you can select what to install by reviewing the recommended updates. Take a note of which ones and just do them one by one and see if it screws up ff/ie
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