Help needed - PC sound not working

    Hi everyone, am having problems with my computer sound....happened a few months back but now the pc is my only option to watch an import dvd so ideally want to get this sorted.

    The sound has stopped working from the pc but when a pair of headphones or speakers are plugged into the headphone jack socket they work. I am not very technical at all so if you can help me at all i would be very grateful.



    It is either software related, so update the drivers.

    Or hardware related meaning the jack that doesn't work is faulty, so use the headphone jack instead to get around it.

    If it is a faulty jack there is no easy fix other than replacing the hardware or installing a new sound card (USB sound card may be the easiest option).

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    ok thank you, how would i go about updating the drivers? ... sorry not very good with computers

    If the PC is from a specific company like Dell, visit their website for updated drivers.

    Otherwise you will have to access ]device manager and locate the sound card to find out who the manufacturer is then visit their website.

    Deleted as not a good idea


    Please please don't do that.

    Is there something wrong with that, If so please let me know.


    you have selected your speakers in the settings? there can be various stuff like optical, hdmi etc

    sometimes just need to select
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