Bit of a wierd one this but here goes...
    can i put castrol magnatec in a diesel engine? or does it have to say for diesle engines on the pack?
    any help much appreciated
    rep for anyone who helps!!!


    I just "Googled" Castrol Magnatec:…swf

    Go to F.A.Q's

    No rep required for a simple Google.

    Not sure, but I have a diesel car and have found that there are two types of oil, one designed for deisel. To be on the safe side I'd get the correct type.

    Good spot by thesaint. The advice leaves you in no man's land though. It says you can use it, but should use a dedicated diesel oil. I'd stll go for diesel oil myself as the engine has not the same friction as a petrol car.

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    I just "Googled" Castrol … I just "Googled" Castrol Magnatec: to F.A.Q'sNo rep required for a simple Google.

    thanks for that! spent ages on their website but couldn't see for looking!!

    i should have known to just ask on here first!!


    Wouldn't recommend it as diesel oil has extra additives to keep the engine clean etc so petrol oil won't work as well.


    halfords are rli help full, i played the damsal in destrell, good luck


    Owened a diesel car for three years, and if I were you would be using the diesel oil as that will keep your engine sharp
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