Help needed Please

    PLease.... original problem internet pages wasnt coming up! i had connection to net but wasnt showing pages at all.
    I then re-installed windows xp hoping this would sort it out!
    Now the problem is...... i cant activate windows online because it says it cant pick up connection! Leaving me with a pc that cant do anything I have my laptop and have that wireless and i have put the ethernet cable in the back of the tower and a light has come up on the router! but my pc is now blank and no way of activating windows.

    What the hell can i do???? PLease help


    now you've reinstalled windows have you checked that all the relevant drivers have also been installed for your motherboard and network card etc?

    right click the my computer icon and choose manage. once computer management screen opens click device manager. any device without a driver with have a yellow dot with black exclamation mark in. find the driver for these and install

    just install the driver for your network card
    but IF all you want to do is activate windows
    CALL THEM using the telephone
    if your windows is a genuine copy then you wont have any problems activating it this way

    the reason I said about the genuine copy is in your post you stated "you reinstalled windows xp but my pc is now blank and no way of activating windows"
    but if your copy was genuine it wouldnt be blank, unless you completely messed up the install.
    by the way dont forget to install the drivers for your motherboard, the network wont work without the correct drivers, and neither will a lot of other items

    You can activate windows 'over the phone' . You can call microsoft and they will talk you through it.
    The two UK product activation numbers are: 0800 018 8354 and 0870 2411963.
    Sounds like you might have a problem with your network card (drivers?) ...

    I never fail to be tripped by questions such as this where people sayn they cant connect to then net! My first thought is always to think "well how are you posting this?" Then I realise people often have more than one 'puter, more than one place they can go to log on or even post from a phone.

    Back to the question, ensure as above that all drivers are present, if so then im sure you can activate over the phone if its a legit copy of windows, if not then there are patches available that make the installation think its activated.

    I know it doesn't help to solve your problem, but why did you reinstall Windows if IE wasn't showing pages? That's like buying a new car because the glovebox light won't come on. (And you've no guarantee that the problem is fixed now.)

    Not wishing to rubbish you, & I hope you get it sorted. Ask if there's still problems.:)

    Original Poster

    it is a geniune copy but i didnt get it installed on the same pc tower! I got told to reinstall windows to solve the problem and clearly not knowing anything about computers took the persons word!

    When i turn on my pc it is going straight to box to activate not my menu or anything ?

    Like I said, call Microsoft & they will talk you through the activation over the phone. make sure you have the sticker with the serial number handy !

    The two UK product activation numbers are: 0800 018 8354 and 0870 2411963.
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