Help needed Please

    I won a microwave from - I think it was a place called freelotto - not too sure though, it was last year and I actually made a post regarding the fact that someone had just turned up at my door with a delivery from Amazon and it was a Free Panasonic Microwave,, no warranty not receipt, just the Microwave from Amazon. It blew up, caught fire last night and I wanted to try and get it replaced, problem is I have no documentation, cant remember who it was I won it from, done a search, really not sure, but I do know I posted it here that I had won it
    Can anyone help me find the post to see if it is still in warranty - or just tell me how to search
    thank you
    thank you


    I've just tried advanced search and can't see anything, sorry!! Maybe a mod has more advanced searching available to them.

    I'm in a similar boat, trying to find a receipt for a £400 satellite receiver that's just gone pop.


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    thanks so much for taking the time to reply - will keep trying- good luck to you

    Have you tried contacting Panasonic?

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    Have you tried contacting Panasonic?

    just phoned them - they said nothing they can do without receipt - dont really believe it because it caufght fire - dangerous really, I also heard that things should last longer than the usual 12 month warranty, shoud have mentioned that - oh well - it was a prize, andt I gave mine away when I won this one!

    Did you make the earlier thread yourself or was your entry about the win in someone elses thread?
    Could it have been more than a year ago?

    if you won it you wouldn't have been given a receipt would you ?

    I had hoover blow up that was 6 days past 1 yr and hoover company were not at all interested as it was over a year,I did point out that it should last more than a year but they said warranty only lasts a year and that was the end of it.

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    Microwave mentioned here … Microwave mentioned here and here :-D

    You are amazing - thats the one Kinglotto thanks so much:thumbsup:
    at least I know it is over 12 months old thanks so much


    You are amazing - thats the one Kinglotto thanks so much:thumbsup:

    No problem. :thumbsup::-D
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