help needed please for cheap train tickets-plleeaassee!!!!

Found 28th Feb 2011
hi all, i am in desperate need of some train tickets for next month, from blackpool/or preston to exeter central on the 12/13 march returning in 7 days time. for two people.

does anyone know of any cheap ways to get there cheap-its working out around £250 which i could get a cheap last min hol for.

i have heard of cheap tickets but cant find any...

please can anyone help me out...whee too look

thanks in advance

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Train tickets are cheapest around 3 months before travel. I have found they get dearer the nearer the travel date
The trainline?

Have you tried buying two single tickets instead of a return?
Buy a railcard for £20 knocks 1/3 off the price aswell, so £250 becomes 185ish (including a railcard)

[edit] a brief look with a rail card chucks up £65 singles.
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ahh thanks jetpac-i will look into it

i know lufc246-its a last minute kind of thing, i usually book way in advance
£117 at a glance direct or £97 via Brum New Street on both dates

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thats per person though thought id might be able to get it a little cheaper
sorry not per person, per trip, so would double up
split the trip.........sometimes works out cheaper and you stay on the same train

when I go to London I pay Bristol to Didcot Parkway, then DP to London, saves almost 1/3rd
Looks like Choc1969 beat me to it, but here's my two pence

Hey Gem
I quite often book long distance tickets to Exeter, and you can sometimes get them cheaply at the last minute.
What I try and do is look at nearby stations which might have availability of cheap tickets which have not yet been sold, eg. Taunton or more frequently Tiverton Parkway, largely because they are not such popular destinations I guess. Then you can buy a standard ticket to ECentral or St. Davids from that station in advance and pick it up from the machine or get it sent before you travel, and don't need to change trains. I don't know which stations are near to you but you might find that there are cheap tickets to Exeter from one near to you, not necessarily Blackpool or Preston, but one you can get a separate ticket for. Basically, I find that breaking up the journey can do the trick, and then just make sure you have all the tickets on you before you set off. Do remember, though, that you are not allowed to get off early if you have advance ticket, so booking further down the line might not be much help.

Also, if you want to go to Central you will most likely have to change trains at Exeter St. Davids. Depending on your luggage or whatever, it is an easy walk/bus ride to the town centre if that makes much difference to ticket prices.
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It takes time but use the national rail website to check all the calling points of your train and get fares between different points of the journey. My son is travelling up to Sunderland for a uni applicants day in a fortnight, and notice given by the uni was too late for advance fares. He has saved over £50 on the return trip by buying 11 different tickets for the journey (I think it is six sectors going north, but all on the same train!! - for example it is actually cheaper buying a ticket from Doncaster to York than Sheffield to York at the particular time he needed to travel). The hour and a half he spent on the compouter with about six tabs open is at a reasonable hourly rate in comparison to the saving made!! Lol.

Using "Main" stations as your starting point also frequently saves a packet, then just buy a local return to get from your neighbourhood station to there. Somehow the advance fares never seem to work out right from tinpot little once-an-hour-train-stations like our local one.

If any part of your journey has to be in peak time, it is also worth working out at what time things will be off-peak (e.g. usually around 9.30am) and purchasing a ticket from the first calling point AFTER 9.30 to your final destination and a separate ticket from home to that point of the journey. (gosh - does that make sense - not sure I've explained it very well)

VERY occasionally it is also worth ticking the "open return" box on the operators websites (cross-country, virgin etc). We have got cheaper return tickets that way than by buying either two singles or nominating certain trains in each direction - no idea why, but it regularly works on off-peak London Midland trains!!!

Maybe that will help a little!
thanks guys soooo much-i will have a look now and see if i can -never thought about peak times too lol.

thanks alot for your time to answer me-muchly apprecaited x
Cheapest way i can find is this - you HAVE to be on these specific trains though! This is for the 12th...buying seperate legs of the journey.

06:17 Preston > 07:55 Birmingham New Street

Cost for this ticket £6.50


08:12 Birmingham New Street 10:16 Taunton
10:25 Taunton 11:00 Tiverton Parkway (by bus due to engineering works all weekend)
11:25 Tiverton Parkway 11:43Exeter St Davids

Total Cost for this ticket £27.50

Therefore single down for two people is £68

Ill work on the return now............
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RETURN - 19th

15:34Exeter St Davids 15:53Tiverton Parkway
16:05Tiverton Parkway 16:35Taunton Bus (engineering works again)
16:51Taunton 18:56Birmingham New Street

= £27.50

Depart19:20 Birmingham New Street 20:59Preston

= £8.50

Total cost back up for two people = £ 72


I do it all the time and often get really good prices for a little work around. hope it helps.

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thank you sooo much ThePasty, the prices you found for me, are they through the trainline?

you are a star....thank you sooo much! X)
No probs, didnt take very long! yep they are through the trainline!
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