Help needed Please - Mookie Smart Trike Plus

    Hi - if someone can help I would be extremely grateful!

    We have given our son a Smart Trike for his first birthday (which is today). We did the sensible thing by assembling it in advance but now we come to use it, we can't seem to make the clutch work. All the info I have read about the trike states that when the clutch is pulled out, the pedals become disengaged, i.e. the pedals stop rotating whilst the parent controls the steering and power with the parent handle.
    However, although the pedals disengage so that they no longer power the trike, they still keep rotating and hit our sons legs.
    We have just gone and bought another thinking it was a fault with the trike, but the new one does exactly the same. Where are we going wrong??
    Have already tried contacting Mookie (the manufacturers) but the one lady in the company who knows the Smart Trike is on holiday this week!
    Please help!!

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    Ours is the same (ours is the samrt trike from argos but I would assume the same issue you describe) but you will find when the pedals rotate and come into contact with something (ie legs) they will just stop turning rather than pushing against his legs.
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