Help needed please on back support

Hiya my dad has MND and he needs a supportive pillow to keep him upright at night now i was looking at the Harley back wing pillow but i was wondering is there anything cheaper which would do the same job.

many thanks for all answers x


I have problems with my back and my breathing and have found that I am best just having a lot of pillows to prop me up, because any of the ones I tried just moved while I was asleep

I don't know what the Harley pillow is but if he has not been in touch with an occupational therapist so far, they will be able to help and suggest suitable aids.

There is a lot of stuff about which is v. expensive and similar versions available a lot cheaper. They will also advise whether the item is suitable. Many people cannot acutally use items which are bought...and they are not cheap.

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Hi my Dad had MND sadly passed away over 25 years ago when not a great … Hi my Dad had MND sadly passed away over 25 years ago when not a great deal was known about it, I know that the MNDA will advise you and probably be able to supply your father with something more suitable without cost. Do you have contact details for them or would you like me to get them for you? x

we are in touch often with the mnd association thank you and i am sorry about your dad.

I spoke to the OT and she said the harley backwing pillow but the pillow is like 25 pound then the pillow case is 10 pound and it is quite expensive so i was just looking if there was any alternivitives x

But many thanks x

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it is fine the ot is coming out on monday to assess him will let u no what happens k x
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